Whether you are taking just one class a week for recreation or 12 classes a week and on the competition team, you will receive the highest level of dance education. Our teachers are of the highest caliber. Please visit our instructor pages to get to know them better, and visit our classes below to see what they’re teaching.

We always offer the first class free for new students, so come on down and see what you like.

We are proud to say that Studio One’s Henderson Dance Academy is ranked #1 in Nevada and top 25 in the U.S. by the Federation of Dance Competitions.

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Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above all, discipline and concentration. The high degree of discipline and concentration required for acrobatics carries over to many aspects of a student’s life, including academics and other athletic performance.

We now offer adult classes.

Includes traditional barre and center work designed to build a beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise. With sufficient study of ballet, proper technique and a strong body, a dancer may advance to Pointe work.

This is our ballet/tap/tumbling combo class for the little ones. During this early stage, the development of strength, flexibility and coordination is focused upon. The development of rhythm, coordination, and timing are also focused upon. Dance terminology is presented while dance steps are combined to music. Basic tumbling skills “mat time” will be taught in the last 15 minutes of this 1-hour class. Tap shoes, ballet shoes are required.

Contemporary dancing is a combination of ballet, jazz, and modern. Dancers focus on technique, expression of emotion through music, floor-work, lifts, partnering, and spatial progressions

This program is designed just for two-year olds to develop their gross motor skills, movement creativity, physical development, and body and social awareness. The class features steps to help develop coordination as well as creative movement.

Hip Hop includes the styles of dance you see on shows like America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance. In the genre of Hip Hop Dance you will find the popular street dances such as: breaking, popping, locking, housing, jerking, shuffling, and hip hop choreo- which is generally a combination of these styles sequenced into a dance routine. Our Hip hop classes expose you to as many of the popular styles as possible.

This is a fun and exciting dance form. Because jazz technique requires a sound knowledge of ballet terminology and technique, we recommend that jazz classes be taken in conjunction with a ballet class. Students will learn jazz isolations; turn techniques, floor work, and combinations.

Jumps & Turns description coming soon.

Description of Lyrical class coming soon.

Broadway Bound is our musical theatre program that focuses on teaching the children music, choreography, and performance technique from Broadway shows. The class will include warm up exercises that will encourage many different feelings and attitudes through show tunes. This will help them see the importance of being able to sing, act, and dance while performing a musical number.

Pointe description coming soon.

Tap is the most rhythmic of the dance forms. Tap is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body and to develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and expression. It explores the use of smaller muscles of the feet and body, along with the larger ones.

For dancers who have achieved at least intermediate level proficiency in ballet, jazz, modern, tap, or lyrical dance who wish to hone some more advanced skills. Come polish your barrel turns, pirouettes, grand jetes, leaps, or whatever fun trick Kevin or Sam have up their sleeve for you to play with.

Description of Vocal Lessons coming soon.

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